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[Editor's Note: In this thorough and painstaking review, Michael Griffith dissects Dale Myer's attempt to link the death of J.D. Tippit to Lee Oswald. His lack of success underscores the feeble character of the allegations that Oswald's shooting Tippit "proved" Oswald shot JFK.]

It is a given among those who accept the Warren Commission's lone-gunman theory that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Officer J.D. Tippit after Tippit allegedly stopped him about a mile from Oswald's residence approximately 45 minutes after the assassination. For Warren Commission supporters the Tippit killing is a "Rosetta Stone" that proves Oswald must have been guilty of murdering President Kennedy. This is the view that author Dale Myers presents in his book WITH MALICE: LEE HARVEY OSWALD AND THE MURDER OF OFFICER J.D. TIPPIT (Milford, Michigan: Oak Cliff Press, 1998).

But just how strong is the case against Oswald in the Tippit slaying? And even if Oswald did in fact shoot Tippit, would this prove he killed President Kennedy? In point of fact, the case against Oswald in the Tippit slaying is laced with holes and contradictions, and there is evidence that suggests Tippit was hunting for Oswald before anyone could have known Oswald was a suspect...

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