At first it may seem bizarre to think that LEE Oswald, after murdering Tippit, would be driven in a police car to the theater. However, after careful consideration it appears that driving LEE to the theater may have been the only practical solution. Minutes after Tippit was killed the police were hunting for the suspect, who was last seen walking west on Jefferson Blvd. If LEE Oswald had been stopped and arrested by police anywhere between 10th and Patton and the theater, the whole carefully planned operation to blame HARVEY Oswald for the murder of President Kennedy and Officer Tippit would have been compromised.

HARVEY Oswald, sitting quietly in the theater as Officer Tippit was murdered, could not be blamed for killing Tippit nor blamed for killing President Kennedy. Therefore, it was absolutely imperative that LEE Oswald arrive quickly and safely at the Texas Theater. Who could take LEE Oswald to the theater without fear of being arrested by the police? Captain Westbrook, who I believe drove from the Abundant Life Church, behind the Texaco station, through the alleyway (between Jefferson Blvd. and 10th St.), and dropped off LEE Oswald in the alley behind the Texas Theater. LEE walked thru the narrow walkway from the alley to Jefferson Blvd, quietly bought a theater ticket from Julia Postal, and hurried up the stairs to the balcony while Harvey Oswald was sitting in the lower section.

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