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If you are interested in a mixture of sex, mental health, psychiatry, murder, and political chicanery, you will read this book. Photographs of official documents, expense factors, and supporting physical details are reproduced in the book. This book will be widely read if for no other reason than because Marilyn Monroe was known to millions of people, many of whom excused whatever faults she may have had, as does the author, because of the manner in which these faults were exploited.

You will read this book. It will shock you. It will shame you. Yes, it will scare you.

This is not a book that can be carelessly reviewed. It involves the element of sex. murder, Communism, mental health, and Very Important people. Hm book is printed in large type, on slick paper, and is easy to read. Stories are supported by reproductions of photographs, of Marilyn Monroe, those with whom she was associated, and her psychiatrist to whom she paid a fabulous fee.

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