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President John F. Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy. Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who paid with his life for that crime in the basement of the Dallas City Hall was innocent. The Story of THE ASSASSINATION TAPES must be told. There were two interlocking conspiracies in the Dallas tragedy-one to assassinate the president, the other to frame Oswald for the murder. The first conspiracy had to be small and tightly organized; the second was larger and looser, including persons who became involved accidentally, reluctantly, or after the fact. The weakest links were discovered in this second group.

Recently, electronic scientists developed an amazing machine that can listen to the human voice, and reveal, with a high degree of reliability, whether one is lying or telling the truth. This breakthrough in the science of lie detection is called the Psychological Stress Evaluator. Because it works through the medium of the voice, it can be used without the subject's cooperation, or even his knowledge. It can be used over the telephone to test the truthfulness of someone thousands of miles away. And because it also works from tape recordings, it can probe the past. Thus, it is the first lie detector that can be used on a dead man. George O'Toole, a former CIA computer specialist, obtained one of these new instruments and set out to investigate one of the darkest mysteries of our time, the Assassination of President Kennedy. The sinister and terrifying pattern of deception he discovered challenges every major conclusion of the Warren Commission.

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