There are strong indications that four men were in Chicago to assassinate John F. Kennedy on November 2 1963, twenty days before Dallas. Here’s how it happened: November 2 1963, JFK was scheduled to attend the Army-Air Force game at Soldier’s Field. Plans called for him to arrive at O’Hare at around 11:00 A.M. and Motorcade…

Five years ago on a commission from Atlantic Monthly, I began investigating a Chicago conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy just 20 days before Dallas. When I asked the wrong questions and came too close to sensitive information, I was followed and investigated by a Defense Intelligence Agency (D. I. A.) operative. By examining my own file, I identified him and embarrassed the DIA into halting the harassment. There's a record of their "project" in the credit bureau where it began, Credit Information Corporation. (named Cook County credit bureau at the time). The DIA's inquiry listed my employer as Atlantic Monthly although, that assignment was my only work for the magazine.

Unfortunately, the harassment didn't end until after my apartment was broken into. No valuables were taken. But all my files were obviously and clumsily searched.

But that was five years ago, before Watergate, a different era. Today, when reporters edge close to dirty government secrets, it is the agencies who become nervous. And they think thrice before attempting the retaliation and tactics once common to the game. My investigation, revived within the past eight months, took me to New York, Long Island, Houston and Washington as well as through courts, warehouses, police stations and federal offices in Chicago. Hundreds of hours scrutinizing federal, state and local documents, dozens of interviews, hundreds of leads. And always with the Secret Service and FBI working against me, doing what they could to make the investigation tedious, time- consuming, and expensive. Perhaps they hoped the investigation would just disappear after all the obstructions.

I hope they now know they must come up with the answers. It is simply unacceptable to wait until the 21st century for the release of seventy or so top secret Warren Commission documents.

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