THE GARRISON ENQUIRY - Truth & Consequences By Joachim Joesten

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The eyes of the world are focused on New Orleans where the curtain is about to rise on one of the strangest of judicial dramas ever enacted:

President Kennedy has been dead for four years. So has been his alleged murderer, Lee Harvey Oswald. The Warren Commission, three years ago, closed the books on The Crime of the Century. The whole world accepted its solemn verdict that the President's life had been taken by a lone, deranged assassin; that there had been no conspiracy. And now a previously little-known elderly man, Clay Shaw, a respected citizen of New Orleans, is about to stand trial for a conspiracy which, according to the District Attorney, Jim Garrison, set in motion events that culminated in the assassination. If the jury finds Shaw guilty, the Warren Report, already buried under an avalanche of adverse criticism, will be as dead as a door-nail. Its twenty-six volumes and supporting materials, covering 100 cubic feet in the National Archives in Washington, won't be worth the paper they're printed on. But even if Shaw is acquitted, that won't be the end of ‘the story. Garrison conceivably may have picked the wrong target in his first major assault on the official version of the assassination. In any event it is certain that he has opened Pandora's box. Other arrests and indictments are sure to follow, regardless of the fate of Clay Shaw. The battle for the truth about the assassination, now in full swing, will go on for a long time. If past experience is a valid indication, the news media will cover the Shaw trial in a big way, but not well. They expected to twist the facts and to slant the news, as they have done before. Powerful forces in Washington are determined to prevent the truth from coming out at all cost and the press, which isn't nearly as free from official pressure as it pretends to be, seconds this effort almost down to a man. That's why it is important that the discerning reader should be given an opportunity to see also the other side of the picture and to judge for himself what's right or wrong...

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