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I have been asked by friends, why I would dare to relate what I know about the events leading up to the John F Kennedy killing and the consequent cover-up and diversions.

It is not very easy to answer that, because in revealing these facts as I know them, one opens oneself as being branded everything from a nut case, a wanna be, a cookie or a liar. I am none of these and I care little what the reader thinks. I suppose I am putting these facts on paper because they have gnawed in my gut for 46 years and I do not care to head for the eternal dirt nap on the great midway beyond without making an attempt at stating what I know and saw at that time. Hindsight is much easier to let one know how lucky or unlucky they were in the past.

Luck and happenstance placed me in a front row seat at the biggest show of the 20th Century. I was in elbow brushing terms with a lot of the major and minor players involved in this event.

I did not know what was going to take place on the 22nd November in 1963. However, as soon as it went down I realized what a precarious position I was in, yet I had no idea how deeply I was associated in the whole mess. That would come later. I would have drastic decisions to make. Evidently I made good choices in this nightmare of historic events. It was a time when the wrong move would have been fatal. I have made it to 72 years of age, keeping the secrets in my brain quiet, except for a select close few. While most of the people I associated with around the Cuban Affairs have now passed to their allotted other realms, I have been pretty much left to my own devices. True I was in fields where one could swallow one’s self in a cloak of anonymity. I was the keeper of identities and knew clandestine and evasive tactics, enabling me to be less visible than others. That, of course would not have stopped the people I had been involved with from finding me if they so desired. Somehow, I was either still of use to ‘THEM’, or it was deemed that there was no need to use ‘Termination’ as a necessity for my case...

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