Like many people in the United States, the author has a deep personal animosity for the Mormons and their church, which stems from the obvious hypocrisy the Church has long practiced in American life. Robert Bennett, for example, comes from a long line of eminent Mormons, and yet he has already been shown to have continuously lied to the US Congress during the Watergate Scandal. After having achieved notoriety for that, Bennett later became a Senator, as if having publicly proven himself a liar and a scoundrel paid his admission ticket into the most corrupt club on Earth, the U.S. Senate.

Despite the feelings noted above, the author never suspected the Mormons or Howard Hughes in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, since their names rarely surface in such a connection, perhaps because the people old enough to remember have all died, and young people today believe lies of old monsters such as Bennett. Yet the connection came up through the work of Wim Dankbaar and his persistence in interviewing former CIA pilot William Plumlee, known as Tosh.

After reading the Tosh materials it becomes clear that Tosh's Robert Bennett and the former Senator are one and the same, given that those who participated in the Bay of Pigs, also participated in the Kennedy Assassination, which surfaced during the Watergate Scandal. As the go – between for the Mormon Church, Howard Hughes and the CIA, Robert Bennett was in a perfect position to help orchestrate the assassination conspiracy.

Soldier of Fortune Gerry Hemming, who some suspect was involved in the ambush in Dealey Plaza, once stated that many men believed that they had financed the assassination of JFK, but most of them simply had paid out handsome sums to false assassins, in the mafia and among the anti-Castro Cuban community of exiles. Robert Bennett's instructions to Tosh and his group ensures that the money Howard Hughes put up to kill Kennedy bought a piece of the actual assassination plot. Proof in the pudding lies in the fact that E. Howard Hunt was offered a job at the hotel in Nicaragua where Howard Hughes sought refuge during the 1970's – which betrays the CIA, Hughes, Mormon connections, since E. Howard Hunt instead chose to work for Robert Bennett instead of taking the hotel position...

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