In the 1963 JFK Assassination by Tim Nicholson

Most people who study the JFK assassination believe it was a conspiracy and that the 1964 Warren Commission Report’s version of the shots is impossible. The official version proposes Commission Exhibit 399, a 6.5 by 30 mm bullet, caused a superficial wound to JFK’s neck and all of Governor Connally’s three wounds. Most of those who believe in additional shooters think that CE399 was a plant and was placed on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital and that no bullet would be in such remarkably good condition as CE399 is after inflicting that many wounds (Italics have been added for emphasis below).

This document will reveal evidence that CE399 or a missing bullet was fired by a second gunman causing a comminuted fracture of Connally’s right radius bone and then went on to fracture two ribs on the right side of his chest. In order to understand and believe how this bullet could have done all this damage an understanding of basic mechanics, the bullet’s probable trajectory, and its interaction with the bones must be determined by reevaluating the X-rays of the wounds and the medical record. CE399 apparently left a fragment in his wrist visible on the X-ray that can be closely matched to an un-oxidized region on the base of that bullet. The passage of time has obscured that clearly present region on the surface of the bullet.

In a November 29th 1963 telephone call between LBJ and FBI Director J. Edger Hoover, Hoover tells LBJ that JFK was hit by the first and third shots and that Connally was hit by the second shot while he was in the process of turning to his right to look at JFK. Hoover also implies that Connally was in between the gunman and JFK (LBJ: If Connally hadn’t been in his way? Hoover: Oh, yes … yes … the President would no doubt have been hit., LBJ: He would have been hit three times. – as said on the audio recording).

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