The stimulus for our discussion of the multiple casket entries at the Bethesda Naval Hospital morgue on November 22 1963 was the new, longer version of the Air Force One audiotapes from the day of the assassination, the version found in the personal effects of General Chester V. Clifton, U.S. Army, after his death.

The new version of the Air Force One tapes, which is about 27 minutes longer than the previously released LBJ Library version from the 1970’s, has been put on sale by the RAAB Collection, which purchased it from Clifton’s heirs at an estate sale following the recent death of Clifton’s wife.

General Chester (“Ted”) Clifton was the military aide to President Kennedy, and for a brief time, also for President Johnson. Clifton took professional papers and the reel of audiotape with him when he retired from military service and the public was unaware of its existence until the Associated Press, working with the RAAB collection, broke the story in November of 2011.

The RAAB Collection announced it was seeking $500,000.00 for the reel of audiotape, but also indicated it had professionally digitized the tape’s contents, and would soon donate this digital copy to the National Archives.

In mid-February, Doug focused his attention on the “Clifton version” of the Air Force One tapes now available for free online from NARA, as a two-part MP3 digital download to see whether he could find any new material that was not present on the LBJ Library version long-studied by JFK assassination researchers...

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