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Never was a writer more unhappily prescient than I in writing the Preface to WHITEWASH: THE REPORT ON THE WARREN REPORT, the first book on that subject. It was then the expression of hope, not a prediction, when I said, ‘This will not be the last word.’ The Preface, not the Conclusions, was the last part I wrote, for it was intended to explain why the book appeared in the unorthodox form of this one, why it was a private printing by the only means available to me.

My hope was that this most important and dramatic single event in recent history, one of the more important events in all of history, would be re-examined, as the integrity of government clearly demands. In the more than 2y months since I completed that book, there has been not a single refutation of any of its contents. Those contents destroy the fake inquest, official and exalted as it was, with which President John F. Kennedy was consigned to history. In fact, there has been no serious attempt at refutation. There has been some literary sycophancy, some government propaganda, and insult without inhibition or end. Naively, I believed that the facts I had mustered, all from the official evidence, would, when drawn to public attention, convince the government and the people that our honor, the future of the country and the memory of the murdered President required no less than a full and public re­ examination of the sordid mess officialdom had made of this awful crime. It was converted by the dishonourable fake investigation and persistent official dishonour into a greater scandal and a more frightening disgrace.

In writing that book, I had a contract with a publisher. He broke it while revelling in the profits advance sales indicated, never explaining his reason or returning the manuscript. Thereafter, that book was submitted to more than a hundred publishers throughout the world. Strange things happened to it in the mail. It was not delivered to some not returned by others, all of this, I was solemnly assured by the inspector sent to investigate b the Postmaster General of the United States, is but the ultimate expression of the accumulated experience of our and all the other post offices of the world, which enables our post office to guarantee the absolutely worst, the most deplorable inefficient service ever.

There is and has been no interference with my mail, I was told...

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