A Definitive look at Who was in the Doorway? Larry Rivera and Jim Ferzer

This is not a new concept, inasmuch as Harold Weisberg was the very first researcher and author to publish two very important chapters devoted to this issue in his second book, Whitewash II, which still prevail to this day, and where he came up with a study that showed nine points of similarity between the shirt worn by the figure known as doorman and the shirt worn by Oswald the day and night of November 22, 1963. Moreover, Sylvia Meagher had this to say about the doorman dilemma:

Neither the report nor the Hearings and Exhibits provide any visual means of judgment since no photograph of Lovelady is found in any of the volumes. Merely asserting that it is Lovelady and not Oswald in the doorway, the Commission presents no supporting visual evidence by which one can appraise the resemblance between Lovelady and the man in the doorway, or Lovelady and Oswald, although nothing less hangs on the accurate identification of doorway man than Oswald’s possible total innocence of the assassination...

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