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This is the true story of Deputy Sheriff E.R. ‘Buddy’ Walthers of Dallas County, a man who came closer than any other investigator to solving the most enigmatic murder of our time, the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Whether he knew it or not at the time, his instincts (or sheer Providence) led him to the key pieces of evidence in the crime within minutes after the shooting. As we consider Walthers' movements that fateful day, we will see with the 20-20 vision of retrospect that he stumbled into every major facet of the case and almost single-handedly performed the only good police work done that day, from the gathering of evidence and witnesses to the uncovering of the conspirators and their hideout.

Let's face it, November 22, 1963, was not a date to be remembered for. great law enforcement or security techniques. That day of infamy is more noted for its atrocious police work. We can start with the protection of the President: Dallas Police Chief Curry's activities that day verged on criminality as he left the scene of the crime and followed LBJ around Dallas after losing his charge, JFK. Dealey Plaza was not secured after the shots, witnesses were not deposed or named, the Texas School Book Depository was not secured for 25 minutes, the adjacent railroad yard was not really searched or sealed, traffic was allowed to drive over valuable pieces of evidence, and the chain of evidence was broken on many artifacts that were gathered, throwing them into doubt...

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