This is part of an extensive study on the Single Bullet Theory and the injuries, which Governor John Connally sustained. With incredible support from fellow researcher Gary Murr who gave me access to his research papers, I was persuaded to study whether John Connally sustained his injuries at Z-230/246 or post Z-312.

For over 40 years Gary Murr has been of the opinion that John Connally was injured post Z-312. He asked me numerous times to have a look into this theory. I agreed to Gary’s request and informed him that I would be approaching it already leaning towards Z-230/46 as the period. He accepted that and so I started looking into his.

What stunned me and what initially changed my mind was the incredible movement that John Connally makes between Z-317-Z-337. In that 20 frame sequence, just over 1 second John Connally moves from a seated position to one where he is lying on the floor below Nellie Connally. It has been some days since I discovered this and have made this public on a series of research forums, and yet I can find no explanation to this other than John is reacting to a shot. The consequence of this discovery is that I am now using the model in Josiah Thompson book “Six Seconds in Dallas” to examine just how fast John Connally is actually moving. “The Mathematical explanations of the movements of John Connally post Z-312.” The debate between Z-230/246 and Post Z-312.

This study is critical of what has been for close to 50 years an established understanding of the assassination of President Kennedy. True, researchers like Vincent Bugliosi and Dale Myers consider John Connally sustained his injuries much earlier, but the majority look more to the ‘Z-230/246’ window as the more acceptable solution. There are reasons for that and they are examined inside this document. Therefore it was no great surprise that when this document was initially made public that it was approached with some hostility and indeed incredulity. When I first made the document public I did not realize this truth and indeed the need for explanation for the post Z-312 window in preference to Z-230/246. My misunderstanding was this:

John Connally has always said that he heard a noise knew it was a bullet and turned on his right hand side to see if he could see the president. Having turned as much as he could and not seeing the president he decides to turn in the other direction. During his turn back, initially I was of the opinion that Nellie tried to pull John Connally out of danger. He frees himself from her and by Z-312 is nearly facing forward and continues to now turn to his left when at Z-317 he is struck by a bullet...

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