By Michael Canfield and AJ Weberman

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On November 22, 1963 E. HOWARD HUNT, FRANK ANTHONY STURGIS and DAVID LEMAR CHRIST were picked up 2 hours after Kennedy was gunned down disguised as tramps in a gondola car in back of the Texas School Book Depository. The FBI and CIA have done everything they could to cover up this fact. In 1992, Oliver Stone's film, JFK, was going to ask serious questions about the tramps. JFK caused a distinguished FBI high official Oliver "Buck" Revell to float an April 1992 false news story which stated the FBI had finally identified the tramps, and they were not HUNT or STURGIS. This is a lie and Oliver Buck Revell, the former Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas FBI office, is a dirty lowdown liar. The arrest records of the Dallas Police Department indicated that three tramps were picked up in a boxcar “immediately after shots were fired” then two hours later the transcripts of Dallas Police radio transmissions, as found in the Warren Commission Exhibits, clearly indicated that a second set of three tramps were picked up at 2:00 PM from a gondola car. He knows this. The Rockefeller Commission reported that 8 tramps in total were picked up on that fateful day.

About six or eight persons, referred to as "derelicts," were found in or near the freight cars. These persons were taken either to the nearby Dallas County Sheriff's office, or to the Dallas Police Department for questioning. All were released without any arrest records being made, or any fingerprinting or photographing being done by the authorities. ...

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