BY Mark Lane

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A Citizen's Dissent, Mark Lane, author of Rush to Judgment, the provocative critique of the Warren Report, gives an alarming account of how "the American media act when a matter of historic dimensions occurs and when the government takes the very firm position tl1at that which is demonstrably false is true." The book is an explosive summation of Lane's efforts to bring his dissenting opinions before the American public and of the incredible difficulties ho encountered in questioning the official view of President Kennedy's assassination.

"If we cannot trust the FBI., the CIA., and Earl Warren, God help us,'' declared Melvin Belli during one of his debates with Lane. Lane is inclined to believe that we may we ll need God's help-not only to discover the truth of the President's murder, but also to maintain our rights to free speech and a free press. Determined to speak out about the tragedy during the two years of "great silence" immediately following the assassination, Lane tells of the obstacles he had to overcome to publish his controversial ideas, to appear on radio and television to talk about them, and even to find someone to publish a book that eventually became a nationwide number one best seller Rush to Judgment.

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