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This book is for the average citizen. It is not written for the critics of the Warren Commission, and they will find that much of its content is a recapitulation of information known to them for years. This information, however, is not generally known or understood by the public. There have been, in the years since 1963, a number of excellent and invaluable books which have challenged and destroyed the Warren Report. These in-depth studies, with few exceptions, have been written by researchers for the benefit and use of fellow researchers. Because of this, the information they contain is minute in detail and a reader lacking background on the subject quickly finds himself lost or bored. Hence, another book on the assassination.

Cover-Up will, in all likelihood, never be ranked alongside works like Silvia Meagher's Accessories After the Fact. It is, however, an important book and one we believe to be long overdue. In effect, it 
contained in them will come forward, identify themselves, and give their testimony of the events of that fateful day.

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