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As the second printing of the sixth edition of Final Judgment was being readied for press, a detailed 19-page anonymously written document, cited with 115 footnotes, relying on a wide variety of mainstream sources, arrived in the mailbox of Final Judgment author Michael Collins Piper. The document was in an envelope (with no return address) postmarked Dallas, Texas. Entitled The Kennedy Assassination and Israel: Some Dallas Connections, the document—apparently the work of a professional journalist—focused on the specifics of how the Israelis could have influenced the events in Dallas, filling in details never explored in previous editions of Final Judgment. The data is quite explosive, particularly when contrasted with the mythology regarding Big D repeated ad infinitum in JFK literature. However, understanding the real Dallas—not the city of legend and of Hollywood drama—prepares one for the revelations laid forth in Final Judgment.

The document buries the tired old myth that a clique of anti-Semitic White Anglo-Saxon Protestant oil plutocrats ruled Dallas. Instead, the truth is quite the opposite. Not only did Dallas have an immensely powerful Jewish community, but, more importantly, the city (and Texas) had been a major center of fundraising and arms smuggling on behalf of the Zionist cause, going back to the 1940s. Even Jonathan Pollard, the American spy for Israel, said he was inspired to pro-Israel activism by stories he heard (while living in Texas) of gunrunning for the Israeli underground by Jews in Texas. In fact, the official published history of a major Zionist arms smuggling operation, the Sonneborn Institute, reports its agents smuggled aircraft parts out of Texas to Israel. This was happening when a then recently discharged Army Air Corps aircraft mechanic, Jack Ruby, was re-settling in Dallas in 1947, the year prior to Israel's birth, when Sonneborn's activities were at a zenith. Ruby bragged of having run arms to Israel and, in 1963, is now known to have part of an arms smuggling operation overseen by an Israeli intelligence officer. So the Israeli connection to Texas was a lot more intimate than many today ever realized.

In 1963, JFK's primary interest in Dallas was raising money from the Dallas elite, and that meant the wealthy pro-Israel Jewish Democrats who were major financial angels for the ruling Democratic Party there. And since JFK was, at that time, at loggerheads with Israel over its nuclear arms program, it is critical to recognize how JFK was lured to Dallas and who was in charge of the arrangements that actually facilitated his assassination. And while it is well known that the Dallas leg of JFK's Texas trip was sponsored by the Citizens Council (CC), the elite business group that ruled Dallas, the little-noticed evidence shows that two of the three key figures who dominated the CC were Jewish—not WASPs, as the legend of Dallas would have it. These were the folks who really ran Dallas, not the conservatives affiliated with the John Birch Society, as the old myth suggests. In 1963, one of those Jewish power brokers was an outspokenly pro-Israel liquor wholesaler, Julius Schepps, who held the distribution rights in Dallas for the Bronfman family's Seagram's products. And as we shall see, there is evidence that Jack Ruby was on the payroll of the Bronfman family, whose fingerprints are to be found all over the JFK assassination conspiracy...

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