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In the discharge of our duty as a newspaper editor, we must do everything possible to bring into some intelligible whole ALL the events surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Inquiry is the lifeblood of truth, and the careful report of inquiry is the newspaperman's cross and grail. But grails are no longer attractive, and journalism is so timid and weak. How else account for the almost total disregard on the part of the national press of the many persons missing, murdered, or met with death strangely who were related to the tragedy in Dallas.

The material of this book first ran as a series in The Midlothian (Texas) Mirror. Further articles will appear periodically. We expect to work on the assassination for the rest of our lives, not that any action will be taken, but in the hope that historians may be able to point a more accurate finger.

When we planned this series beginning at the time of the Jack Ruby trial, we felt the Warren Commission should remain in existence for at least five years. When the Commission made its Report and disbanded, we felt it should be reopened.

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