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At 12:40 P.M., Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig was standing on the south side of Elm Street when he heard a shrill whistle coming from across the street. He saw a man with sandy brown hair, wearing faded blue trousers and a light colored shirt, hurrying toward the street. A light green Nash Rambler station wagon with a chrome luggage rack, driven by a husky Latin man, with short, dark hair, was moving slowly west on Elm Street. The vehicle suddenly stopped and the man, a white male in his early 20's, wearing a light colored shirt, about 5'9’ tall and 140-150 pounds, ran across the lawn in front of the TSBD and got into the station wagon. Craig was unable to cross the street due to heavy traffic and watched as the car drove west on Elm, under the triple underpass, and headed in the direction of Oak Cliff.

NOTE: Two hours later Roger Craig saw Lee HARVEY Oswald in custody at DPD headquarters and identified him as the man who left Dealey Plaza in the Nash Rambler station wagon. But it was LEE Oswald who Craig saw get into the Nash Rambler.

Marvin Robinson was driving his Cadillac west on Elm Street, directly behind the Nash Rambler station wagon. After crossing Houston, he drove past the TSBD and almost slammed into the back of the Nash Rambler when it suddenly stopped. Robinson noticed a white male hurry down the grass covered incline and enter the station wagon. He then followed the car as it drove under the triple overpass. Marvin Robinson's employee, Roy Cooper, was following him in a different vehicle. Cooper remembered the Nash Rambler stopped so suddenly that Robinson narrowly avoided running into the back of the car. Cooper saw a white male between 20 and 30 years of age wave at the driver, hurry toward the car, and enter the vehicle.

NOTE: The FBI interviewed Marvin Robinson and Roy Cooper but they never testified before the Warren Commission nor were their statements published in the Warren Volumes.

Mrs. Helen Forrest saw a young man run from the side of the TSBD and enter a Nash Rambler station wagon on Elm Street. Mrs. Forrest said, ‘If it wasn't Oswald, it was his identical twin.’ Mrs. Forrest was the first and only witness in Dealey Plaza to correctly identify the man in the white shirt as ‘Oswald’ or his twin. Another witness, James Pennington, also saw a man in a white shirt run from the side of the TSBD and enter a Nash Rambler station wagon. Pennington later identified the man as ‘Lee Harvey Oswald.’

These eye-witnesses (Craig, Robinson, Cooper, Forrest, Pennington) saw a man who looked very much like the Lee HARVEY Oswald who was arrested by Dallas police. But, it was NOT the same man. It was NOT the Oswald who was shot and killed by Jack Ruby. These witnesses saw LEE Oswald, the man who had been impersonating HARVEY Oswald and setting him as the ‘patsy’ for the assassination for the past three months...

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