G. Paul Chambers

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I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am a conspiracy empiricist. I believe there was a conspiracy involved in the death of John F. Kennedy because that’s where the data leads me. Head Shot, initially published in September 2010, is my first foray into the field of popular science writing Judging by its reviews, I would say that it has been somewhat successful in explaining some difficult science and physics; I sought to make these issues clearest because I think the complexity of the science of this case has allowed the fantasy of a single assassin to fester for almost fifty years.

Some may ask if the Kennedy assassination is still relevant today. It is unquestionably the crime of the twentieth century. But I would respond by saying that it's one of the most important issues that faces America today in the twenty-first century. Why? Because the assassination impeaches the fundamental integrity of our government and news media. If after a half century, Americans still have not been told the truth of this seminal event in our history, then there is a fundamental disconnect between the American citizenry and the government and news media that exist to protect it. I don't believe that any problem our nation faces today can ultimately be resolved without some level of integrity from our leadership.

Kennedy is a larger-than-life figure in our history. His American University speech, a speech for the ages, heralded the beginnings of the end of the cold war. It directly led to treaties between the United States and the Soviet Union to ban nuclear testing. Kennedy's ambitious program to go to the moon heralded the most significant achievement in the history of mankind, the landing of men on another body in the solar system. Kennedy founded the Peace Corp, initiated civil rights legislation, and bolstered the nation's scientific and technological profile. His thousand days in office were among the most extraordinary in the nation's history. When polled, Americans choose John F. Kennedy as the number one president they would like to have running the country today. In short, Kennedy lives on in myth and legend, yet his death remains a mystery...

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