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On November 2, 1964, following the release of the Warren Report, but prior to the release of the twenty-six volumes of exhibits of the Warren Commission, there appeared in The Legal intelligencer (the daily newspaper of the Philadelphia Bar Association, the oldest law journal in the United States) an article by Salandria entitled ‘The Warren Report: Analysis of Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds, ‘A Lawyer's Dissenting View’ (see Appendix III). This article was the first public challenge in writing to the Warren Report. Based on Salandria's analysis of evidence in the Report, combined with statements by Commission Counsel Arlen Spector, Salandria concluded that there had been a conspiracy to murder the President. Early the following year Salandria followed up this ground breaking work with two articles which appeared in the January and March, 1965 issues of Liberation (see Appendix III).

The March article was based on the by then available 26 volumes of Commission exhibits. Though the members of this committee vary greatly in occupation, ethnic background, political ideology, manners, temperament, and attitude toward the government, nevertheless they have been united by a common desire to confront the truth of President Kennedy's murder. The group came long ago to the conclusion that President Kennedy was the victim of a high-level CIA conspiracy. 2 Thus the central focus of the April 5th letter was not an examination of the immediate conspiracy, which took President Kennedy's life. Instead, the letter was an attempt to examine just how it was possible, in a supposedly open society like our own, for the CIA to murder the President and for ‘no one to know about it.’

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