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After the preceding analysis, it may be difficult to get re-oriented to the primary purpose of this chapter, which is to determine the credibility of the claim by the Warren Commission that three shots only were fired by Oswald, the injuries to Kennedy and Connally accomplished by two bullets, with one missed shot. So, let’s now begin to explore our proposition from the other direction. In the last section, we saw convincing evidence from the perspective of the chain of custody — indeed, indisputable evidence — that the absolute maximum number of shots fired from the rifle claimed to be Oswald’s was two. Of course, if a total of three shots were fired as the Warren Commission claimed, and only two of them came from the rifle, then obviously there was a conspiracy, which would render the subsequent discussion in this and the following chapters moot.

But because we are going explore our proposition from the other direction, we will show that even if three shots were fired from the rifle, that still would not account for all the shots fired in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. In this and the remaining sections, we will go over the overwhelming evidence that more than three shots were fired on that day, probably far more…

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