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WHERE OTHERS HAVE ERRED...Most of the books about the John F. Kennedy assassination, even those which agree with the Warren Report contain glaring errors concerning the event and its aftermath, and particularly about the involvement of the Dallas Police Department. Some of these mistakes and the true facts, as reported in Investigation of a Homicide:

ERROR: In Six Seconds in Dallas, author Josiah Thompson claims DPD motorcycle patrolman James Chaney was not splattered with blood from President's head wound, proving, Thompson says, that shots didn't come from School Book Depository. FACT: See Page 50

ERROR: In The Day Kennedy Was Shot, author Jim Bishop implies that Lee Harvey Oswald was never formally charged with the murder of John F. Kennedy. FACT: See Pages 13, 167 and 173.

ERROR: Bishop also claims Dallas police told Oswald why he was arrested as they drove him from Texas Theater to police headquarters. He inaccurately reports conversation between Oswald and his captors. FACT: For a true account of what police and Oswald said after his arrest, see pages 110 and 111.

ERROR: In Unanswered Questions About President Kennedy's Assassination, author Sylvan Fox claims two rifles were found in School Book Depository. FACT: See Page 98, affidavit page 263...

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