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For many years I have thought about how one or more men could have fired shots from the 6th floor of the TSBD and then left without being seen or heard. I wondered how the 3 men on the 5th floor, directly below the ‘sniper's nest,’ could have heard empty shell casings hit the floor above but yet not hear footsteps or people running across the 6th floor and down the wooden stairs in the NW corner of the building. I wondered the same about Jack Dougherty, Sandra Styles, Victoria Adams, etc. As a contractor I am familiar with building construction, and understand single wall/floor construction (a single layer of plywood/wood on only one side of a wall; floor boards/plywood on only one side of the floor). The 6th floor was ‘single floor construction,’ with boards placed side by side and running horizontally from beam to beam (see photo below). The men on the 5th floor talked about dust falling down from the 6th floor (snipers nest) when there was movement overhead. This can only happen with ‘single floor construction,’ where either boards or plywood are used. This type of floor construction would allow anyone on the 6th floor to lift, and/or remove, a few boards and have direct access to the 5th floor. The purpose of this essay is not to ‘show or to prove’ how one or more men left the 6th floor following the shooting of President Kennedy. My purpose is to show researchers that there is an alternative ‘escape route,’ other than the freight elevators, the NW stairway, or the fire escape on Houston St. By using one plausible ‘escape route,’ which is detailed below, we may be able to understand the reasons for a few heretofore misunderstood and unexplained situations that occurred during the minutes before and during the minutes following the assassination. assassination.

Texas School Book Depository building

In 1963 the Texas School Book Depository building (TSBD) was located at the corner of Elm and Houston in Dallas, Texas. There were 7 floors, a basement, two freight elevators in the NW corner of the building, one passenger elevator in the SE corner of the building (1st to 4th floor), an old wooden stairway in the NW corner of the building (basement to 7th floor), stairs near the front entrance to the building (1st floor to 2nd floor), and a set of stairs from the 1st floor to the basement. Each floor in the building was about 10,000 square feet, and 77 people worked inside the building in various offices (2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors).

Witnesses see two men on the 6th floor

Minutes before 12:30 P.M., on the morning of November 22, 1963 many people observed two men on the 6th floor as the Presidential motorcade approached Dealey Plaza. Charles L. Bronson was using his home movie camera to film scenes outside of the TSBD. At 12:24 P.M., his camera captured the images of two men moving in the south-eastern window of the 6th floor (snipers nest). Carolyn E. Walther was standing on the west side of Houston Street about 50 feet south of Elm. Just before the motorcade arrived she looked up at the TSBD and saw two men in an upper floor window, one of whom was holding a rifle with the barrel pointed downward. She described the rifle as being considerably shorter and fatter than the rifle found by Dallas Police. She said the man carrying the gun was blond or light haired and was wearing a white shirt. The other man was wearing a brown suit coat...

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