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We can know the essential truth of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. That truth can set us free.

Thanks to the pioneer investigators into President Kennedy’s murder, the truth-telling of many witnesses, and a recent flood of documents through the JFK Records Act, the truth is available. Not only can the conspiracy that most Americans have thought was likely now be seen in detail. Not only can we know what happened in Dallas. More important than filling in the crime scene, we can know the larger historical context of the assassination—why President Kennedy was murdered. We can know the liberating truth.

The story of why JFK was gunned down is the subject of this book. I have told the story thematically and chronologically, point by point through a sea of witnesses. In brief that story is: On our behalf, at the height of the Cold War, John F. Kennedy risked committing the greatest crime in history, starting a nuclear war. Before we knew it, he turned toward peace with the enemy who almost committed that crime with him.

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