David W. Mantik

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On Saturday, November 23, 1963, Billy Harper found a skull fragment on the infield grass at Dealey Plaza. Three Dallas pathologists agreed that it was occipital bone. After photographs were taken in Dallas, the FBI took possession of the bone, and then gave it to Admiral George Burkley, MD, the president’s personal physician. Before Burkley lost the bone (forever), the FBI X-Rayed it, but then these X-Ray images also disappeared for many decades.

In this monograph I examine the photographs and X-Rays of the Harper fragment (hereafter HF) and I list (in Section 6) fifteen independent and self-consistent signs for its origin from JFK’s upper occiput. In addition, (in Appendix K) I present a multiple headshot scenario that encompasses all of the significant evidence related to JFK’s head wounds.

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