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SINCE 1965. when my first book, My Twelve years with John F. Kennedy, was published. I have been travelling around the country speaking about my experiences as personal secretary to Mr. Kennedy.

Wherever I have gone, from the very beginning, audiences have asked me the same questions ‘over, and over again,’ and in recent days, with more urgency and concern. "What was my relationship," they all ask, "between Kennedy and Johnson?" "What did Mr., Kennedy think of his Vice President?" "How much did Mr. Johnson know of what was going on?" "Did they get along?"

I did not in my first book, speak a great deal about such matter. trying instead to concentrate on President Kennedy and on my own life with him. However, I have now decided to write about what I saw of the recent relationship between Mr., Kennedy, and Mr. Johnson because so many people want to know and certainly, they deserve whatever information is available.

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