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It was a sunny day in Dallas, unusually warm for the fall. It had rained briefly that morning, but after the small squall line had moved through, the gray sky quickly began breaking up into small puffy white cumulus clouds. By noon, it was quite clear and beginning to grow hot.

It was the fall of 1986, and I was taking an afternoon off from a law enforcement convention that I had been attending in Dallas. Even though the heat would raise the humidity to an uncomfortable level, it would still be a good day to get away from the hotel and see a few sights. Not having any particular interest in the activities scheduled that afternoon, I decided to make use of my rental car to see what local historical landmarks might be visited prior in the hours remaining before the evening banquet scanned the city map provided by the hotel desk and quickly noted the name ‘Dealey Plaza.’ Though I was not a student of the Kennedy assassination, I felt that visiting an historic site, as a tourist to simply say I've been there was enough reason to make the drive. And besides, was this also not the scene of the Murder of the Century? For a career police officer, it would be almost unforgivable to at least not take a look at the scene of the crime. Little did I realize that this innocent sightseeing jaunt would thrust me into an investigation that would last seven years, take me into the shadowy world of clandestine operations that few people even realize exists, expose some of the darkest secrets of behind the scenes international power brokers, and bring to light a ‘government’ that has, for the past five decades, operated above the law under the pretext of national security.

In the pages of this book the reader will be presented evidence of a secret government, an organization that lies both within the halls of congress, the offices of the Pentagon and the White House, and certain, very special, individuals outside of and often above those institutions.

Kill 'Zone will present the missing pieces to a decades old puzzle that will explain why, and how, certain mysterious things in history have happened. Things that were presented to the American people, in a cleaned up history book version suitable for public consumption. Only now, the veil of deceit is finally removed. Now, the sinister entity that Winston Churchill referred to as the ‘High Cabal, ‘and Col. Fletcher Prouty dubbed the ‘Power Elite,’ is exposed for what it actually is. And more importantly, who it is. Finally, after decades of deception, the crimes, conspiracies and Cover-Ups of the Entity, the powers behind the throne, are brought into the light. And when the pieces of the puzzle are assembled, the picture becomes a revelation...

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