LBJ How he killed JFK

In order to understand the JFK Assassination, you have to understand the criminality of Lyndon Johnson BEFORE the JFK murder and the criminality of George Herbert Walker Bush AFTER the JFK murder. Lyndon Johnson: in addition to stealing the 1948 Senate election with vote fraud, LBJ also made a career of taking $$ millions in bribes. Lesser known is that LBJ had a hit man named Malcolm Wallace who would kill people who could have gotten LBJ indicted, thrown in jail or endangered his political career. Billie Sol Estes fingers LBJ, his top aide Cliff Carter, & Malcolm Wallace in the murders of Henry Marshall, JOHN F. KENNEDY and 6 others.

Lyndon Johnson was one sick, evil son of a bitch who would do anything to get ahead, including murdering John F. Kennedy. In November ’63, LBJ was a dangerous, cornered animal. He was about to be dropped from the 1964 Demo ticket and he was possibly headed to JAIL because of the Bobby Baker scandal. LBJ and the CIA murdered JFK, with the equally corrupt LBJ friend Hoover of the FBI in charge of covering it up. ....

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