BY Judyth Vary Baker

Why should we care about what the accused assassin of Kennedy read in New Orleans? The FBI did. They confiscated every book they could find that Oswald read in New Orleans. But did you know that the FBI described the title of one book Oswald read as Conflict, when its actual title was Conflict: the history of the Korean War, 1950-53? However, the FBI did not shorten the title of this book: Portrait of a Revolutionary: Mao Tse-Tung.

The manipulation of evidence concerning Oswald extended to even such small details. Even today, such manipulation continues. For example, Oswald’s reading the works of Marx and Engels is highlighted in the Wikipedia encyclopedia biography on Oswald without mentioning that Oswald read many kinds of books. The Wikipedia article is influenced by the same Internet team associated with John McAdams’ Marquette University-sponsored websites promoting Oswald as guilty of killing Kennedy, a position no longer tenable since a plethora of recent, new evidence has emerged.

This paper provides a resource for students, scholars, and researchers as an aid to discerning the truth about Oswald’s reading habits, how evidence was manipulated in matters related to the materials he read from various sources, and what Oswald’s reading choices might suggest about the true character of the accused assassin.

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