This has caught me by complete surprise and, naturally, I was shocked. All I know about the plans for my son marrying Marina Oswald is what I have seen and read. I haven’t talked to him yet.' Thus, old Mrs. Porter, bewildered by the sudden onrush of publicity, was trying to cope with the inquisitive questions the newsmen crowding around her modest home at Lamesa, west Texas, we’re firing at her. Why was the good woman shocked? Did she mean to imply that a man marrying the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald thereby made himself an accomplice after the fact in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy?

Or was it just because Marina Oswald seemed such a notorious woman? Why should she be notorious? What had she done that was wrong? Hadn't the Warren Commission itself given Marina a clean bill of health, absolving her of any and all guilt in 'The Crime of the Century'? Or was it because Marina was Russian?

Is being Russian a crime per se in the eyes of right-thinking people? Then what about the hundreds of thousands of staunchly anti-Communist Russians living in the United States?

So what on earth was wrong with the bride young Kenneth Jess Porter had just led to the altar on this June 1st 1965? Wasn't she pretty? Just look at the slender young woman with the well-groomed reddish-brown hair, the deep blue eyes and that enigmatic smile, radiant in a white dress with pink polka dots. Could anybody say that Ken was a man of bad taste? What about the dowry?

Now, Mrs. Porter, you know as well as anybody else that Marina Oswald is quite well to do; indeed, that she is practically an heiress. Why, she must be worth at least a hundred thousand dollars and that isn’t ‘hay madam’, even in Texas.

What's more, at least three-quarters of that fortune has come from charitable donations contributed by the American people. Isn’t that a sure sign that Marina is okay, that she is a perfectly safe risk for any respectable young man to marry? Could 200 million Americans be wrong in feeling sorry for Marina Oswald and. providing a nice substantial dowry for her second attempt at marital bliss?...

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