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What does it take to move people to take action? How can our republic be restored when many refuse to realize the sad state of our current affairs? Cloaked in America’s Providence, our hijacked ship of state plunders the world for inbred criminal corporations leaving our collective fortunes tattered, tired and tied to exploitation, ignorance, greed, and gross injustice. How did this happen? Did we just lose our way; get distracted; make some wrong decisions; morph into sleeping couch potatoes; or what?

My investigation of history tells me that something more than the simple foibles of man have led to today’s dysfunctional corruption, something more than misguided misfits, malcontents and mavericks sullying our Pilgrims’ Progress. Something more than “Lone Nuts.” Judyth Vary Baker’s Me & Lee – How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald brings that point home in spades. Born out of a desire that children should know the truth about their father, Judyth’s narrative of her meeting, and loving, Lee Oswald that humid summer of 1963 in New Orleans allows us all to know him, as we never have before.

Me & Lee gives us a deep glimpse of the man: his private and public world. A person we knew, and someone of whom we had no idea. Judyth’s tale brings the light of understanding to bothersome breadcrumbs strewn about the dark forest of our national nightmare. Incongruent facts come out of the cold, forming a consistent detailed chronicle. Contrary to published accounts, Lee Harvey Oswald was a patriot who loved his country. He submersed himself in an officially-sanctioned covert arena where one’s inventive “legend” becomes entry into a netherworld of intrigue, compartmentalization, secret operations and contrived situations. Where one can be for or against something/ someone, depending on whichever guise is called up by a taskmaster giving the high sign through the shadows of plausible deniability: a wilderness of chicanery, deceit and double/triple crosses.

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