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Although you would not know from reading it in your daily newspaper, watching it on the evening news, or hearing it from the federal government, during the past decade, especially since 1992--enormous advances have been made in unravelling one of the greatest crimes of our time, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The murder was a state offense for which no one has ever been convicted. After more than 35 years, many Americans tend to think what happened will never be known and there is nothing new to learn. That opinion may be widely held, but it is also completely wrong. We know vastly more now than we ever have before, and we are learning more every day. What happened to this nation on 22 November 1963 occurred as a result of a meticulously executed conspiracy, whose character was concealed by a massive cover-up.

Indeed, unravelling the cover-up has provided an access route to understanding the conspiracy, which deprived the American people of their democratically elected leader. A research group whose members came together in shared outrage over the blatant abuse of a leading medical journal in a crude but effective effort to perpetuate the cover-up--with the complicity of our nation's press-has discovered that JFK autopsy X-rays have been fabricated, autopsy photographs have been distorted or destroyed, the brain seen in official diagrams and photographs belonged to someone other than JFK, the autopsy report was a sham, and a great deal of the photographic record, including the Zapruder film of the assassination, has been edited by means of sophisticated techniques.

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