Taken from Las Vegas Magazine Summer 97

DALLAS - Amidst a sea of theories, a forest of books and mountains of speculation, the circumstances behind the death of President John F. Kennedy remain a quagmire consisting of scents of truth, the stench of misinformation and a hefty aroma of lingering intrigue. Who actually did the shooting after an acoustic test confirmed the firing of four shots in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963?

The shooting teams, unreleased documents and tests using the latest technology are now the focus of the latest wave of inquiries constant for 34 years. The first books, reports and the Warren Commission have proved to be damaging to finding the true killers behind the assassination. The influx of misinformation into the fray only prevented an immediate solution of the crime. The fact that Bobby Kennedy's organized crime committee stopped meeting after the shooting of his brother tells volumes of who Bobby Kennedy feared. Those who wished to leave a smoke screen in front of the real killers have succeeded. What can safely be assumed is that Lee Harvey Oswald did not pull the trigger and probably was, as he put it, ‘a patsy.’

If Oswald were to stand trial today for the assassination, a two-bit lawyer from nowhere could get the once fingered political activist off in a short trial held in Boston. Acoustics tests, proper ballistics tests, the Abraham Zapruder video and eye witnesses available in 1963 and others still alive would get Oswald a quick acquittal in 1997. Gathering information about the most famous ‘murder in American history’ has become like putting together a jigsaw puzzle that got mixed with another puzzle. By piecing together FBI reports, wiretaps and murders that happened after the assassination, coupled with eyewitness accounts and hearsay from people unable to validate, a pattern begins to develop and one puzzle remains....

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