The day President John F. Kennedy was due to arrive in Dallas, Texas, for his first and last official visit there, the Dallas Morning News treated its readers to three remarkable and exclusive features. One was the famous, or rather infamous, full-page advertisement ‘Welcome, Mr. Kennedy’ which managed to heap more insults on the doomed President than had been hurled at him by the extreme right in his three years of office. Prophetically, and therefore quite properly, this $1,464 advertisement, paid for in cash by a jobless and penniless ‘salesman,’ was presented like an obituary, with a funereal border in heavy black.

No less arresting was the lead article with the banner headline ‘Storm of Political Controversy Swirls Around Kennedy on Visit.’ The paper's most important contribution to the day's news was a front-page sketch of the ‘Presidential Motorcade Route’ through Dallas. This was the first time a precise itinerary of the fatal parade route President Kennedy was to follow appeared in print.

There had been newspaper reports of the probable route since November 19 and it was well known that the motorcade would go through the underpass, but a glance at the map, reproduced in the documentary section of this book, shows that there are several downtown arteries besides Main Street, such as Elm and Jackson (Commerce Street is one way east bound), which debouch on Houston Street. The map, which appeared only in the Dallas Morning News, is precise and definitive.

At the time the paper's first edition hit the streets, Lee Harvey Oswald was sound asleep at the home of Mrs. Ruth Paine in the suburb of Irving (about 12 miles Northwest of the City), where his family had been staying for the past two months...

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