Taken from the blog of Ralph Cinque


The fact that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President John Kennedy is so blatantly obvious that it is surreal that anybody believes that he did. But, I can assure you that nobody believes it based on the facts of the case. The facts of the case don't begin to support it. The people who believe it believe it in spite of the facts of the case. They believe it because they want to believe it. There's no other reason. It's a doctrine, and it's like believing a religious doctrine.

And really, the whole narrative of what happened is unintelligible. They had to know in advance that Oswald had instantly become the most famous assassin in the history of assassins, that this was the biggest murder case of all time, and that people would be pouring over it for years, decades, and even centuries. Therefore, they didn't record his interviews? They recorded Frazier's and Ruby's, but not Oswald's?

And look what they never reported: his alibi for the Tippit shooting, his means of getting from his room to the theater, his reason for going to the theater... and these questions that subsequent investigations ignored as well. ...

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