The late ‘John Judge,’ Director of the Coalition on Political Assassinations, delivers the Closing Remarks to the 50th Anniversary Conference in Dallas on November 24 2013.

‘I wanted to take a minute to relate two JFK researcher’s jokes, I don’t know too many. But one is two Secret Service agents walk in a bar and one of them orders a ‘Lee Harvey Wall Banger,’ the bartender says one shot or two…! The other, I just heard last night, a Kennedy researcher who spends his whole life working on the case dies and ends up going to heaven. God comes to the gate and says welcome to heaven, he replies thank you that's great, but I have one question and that is ‘can you tell me who killed Kennedy? God replies ‘I have a theory about that…’ I recently spoke to a college student and I mentioned the name Lee Harvey Oswald, and he asks me what was he known for…?

We are passing in to a new era, the Kennedy Assassination may change the current generation has some irrelevant if interesting historical titbit, as much as the Lincoln Assassination seemed to my generation. In reality both those Assassinations had a national impact, they shifted paradigms of understanding and the impact of major policies and political trends that followed them, and both of them ended a forward agenda that was being carried out by these leaders and the hope they represented for social change in their time.

I like to put the Kennedy Assassination into its historical and political context so we can understand why it matters fifty years later and what we can do about it. Years ago an older black man sitting on a stoop in Western DC overheard me talking about the Assassination and he responded… ‘Kennedy he ‘dead…’ ‘Well indeed he is…’ but more died on November 22 than the handsome and energetic President of the United States, far more in my view...

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