In the 1930’s, two anti-communist guerrillas, James Burnham and George Lyman Paine, went undercover as communists, infiltrated the leadership of the American Trotskyist movement -- the world’s largest Trotskyist organization -- and helped tear it apart. In 1940, their mission ended with the assassination of Leon Trotsky in Mexico City. One of the two anti-communist guerrillas, James Burnham, went on to teach the newly formed CIA about covert operations. He also went on to teach philosophy at Yale and recruit CIA agents from among his students.

In 1950, Burnham recruited a Yale student, William F. Buckley, Jr., and introduced him to CIA agent E. Howard Hunt. Hunt was a favorite of CIA Director Allen Dulles. Buckleys father also knew the Dulles family, having shared foreign-policy adventures in Mexico with Dulles uncle, Robert Lansing, when Lansing was President Wilsons secretary of state.

Buckley, as Hunts advance man, went to Mexico City to recruit informants for the CIAs soon-to-be Mexico City station. There, Buckley met and recruited a 28-year-old Spanish student from Philadelphia, George Gordon Wing, as an informant among the left-wing student groups at Mexico City College. Hunt arrived soon thereafter and arranged for Wings CIA payment, which was disguised as a student grant. Wing was an older student because his studies had been interrupted by World War II. He served as a Naval aviation bomb-sight technician, fire control man and ordnance specialist.

In 1952, Wing continued his Spanish studies at the University of California at Berkeley. Upon earning his Ph.D. in Spanish in 1961, Wing joined his former boss, Hunt, in Little Havana, Miami. From there, he trained with the CIAs Operation Forty assassins on No Name Key, in preparation for the Bay of Pigs invasion.

In the fall of 1962, Wing followed in James Burnham’s footsteps and became a professor and CIA recruiter, but at the University of Texas at Austin. UTs past leaders had served in Wilsons cabinet with Allen Dulles uncle, Robert Lansing. UT was also the alma mater of Lansing’s friend, William F. Buckley, Sr. Wings association with the Dulles family became closer when John Foster Dulles’s son, Jack, came to know him personally as a fellow professor in Latin American studies at UT. Professor Wing was thus in a perfect position to be useful to the plotters of President Kennedys assassination. In fact, Wings last name appears on the manifest of the same flight which brought the Oswald’s from New York to Texas in 1962...

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