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On November 22 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the thirty filth president of the United States, was shot to death as he toured the streets of Dallas, Texas. The United States government under the authority of President Lyndon B. Johnson ordained a commission to investigate the facts related to the incident and to report its findings to the president and the American public. That report (The Warren Report) was released on September 24 1964, after ten months of investigation in executive session.

The ensuing months and years produced voluminous criticism, some which was justified some that was not. The members of the Warren Commission never appeared before the public in an effort to dispel rumors or to refute the charges made by responsible critics of the report. Not once during the twelve years following the assassination did the United States government undertake an effort to reopen the case, but instead concealed great portions of evidence in its secret files not to be released until the year 2039.

The commissioners themselves were sworn to secrecy and the report became the hush-hush of the century. It is my hope and intention that this account will clearly and accurately tells the unfortunate, but true, story behind the Warren investigation in order to provide a bewildered American public with not an answer, but an insight into a truly abhorrent episode of American history.

It is hoped that this book will act as a catalyst in motivating a confused society to demand a candid review of the facts surrounding the enigma of the assassination of our president. To that end this book is respectfully subscribed...

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