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IN the four years that have passed since the assassination of President Kennedy, forty-six books have been published in attempts to explain the mystery of the events in Dallas. Six were lurid and groundless speculations, twenty-seven comprised the government's Warren Report and its twenty-six volumes of supporting documents, eight were outright attacks on the Report, four were written in support of it, and one was a novel. In view of all this, the question immediately arises, "Why another book?"

The answer is simple: ‘In spite of the proliferation of books,’ there is much evidence that has either been overlooked or improperly interpreted; and despite the extensive investigations, the public mind is filled with doubt. This book takes up where the others leave off. In essence, it is neither a critique of the Warren Report nor an attack on its critics. It finds its own way, by original use of the evidence (some of it introduced here for the first time), toward a new conclusion. As such it is the first of what might be called a "third generation" of assassination studies.

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