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President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated Friday, November 22 1963 at 12:30 P.M. in Dallas Texas… That same afternoon, Vice President Johnson went to the airport, transferred his own luggage to the President's plane, put the dead President and the widow in the back, took his oath of office, and then flew back to Washington. The assassin was arrested, charged, and then executed on national television before an audience of millions.

On Sunday, shortly thereafter, Texas officials in charge of investigating the assassination declared the case closed. The following day the President was buried and America had a new leader, a bitter enemy of the former President, sitting in the oval office waiting to go to work.

In any country of the world, except America, this event would have been viewed suspiciously as a bloody ‘coup.’ Here, while the transfer of power was initially accepted without rioting and rebellion, rumors of conspiracy and mystery surrounding the assassination soon began to circulate and have continued to this day, despite the ‘official report’ of the United States government following its investigation of the assassination.

This book is an attempt to fill the black hole of mystery still remaining as to why President Kennedy was killed. It proceeds on the assumption that finding a motive often exposes the killer. It is a fresh look at the known facts of the assassination rather than a revelation of new and startling discoveries. This book is a distillation of thoughts collected over 25 years of reading, studying, and re-reading other assassination works. It attempts to present the assassination story in a readable form offering a common sense, believable explanation why the President was killed. The book explains why the assassination theories advanced by both the Warren Commission and others who disagreed with the Commission are not credible. It then re-evaluates the details of the assassination including the pre and post-assassination events to arrive at a logical conclusion as to who was really responsible.

However, the reader should be advised that the most likely solution to the assassination and its mysteries may not be the most complex and may in fact be the most obvious...

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